Jack Harlow Under Fire From PETA For Horse Racing In ‘Churchill Downs’ Video


PETA has come for Jack Harlow. The animal rights organization accosted the Louisville rapper for “glamorizing horse racing” in his latest visual for “Churchill Downs,” and said Harlow’s video was “missing the whips, drugs, and deaths that run rampant in the industry.”

A rep for PETA made these comments to TMZ, and accused the “What’s Poppin’” lyricist of profiting off animal abuse. They implored the rapper to make it right and pay a large sum to an organization that cares for the American Thoroughbreds that, according to them, are often sent away to be slaughtered.

PETA said 3 racehorses die on U.S. tracks every day, and they claimed 7,500 Thoroughbreds are exported to be slaughtered every year.

Jack Harlow and Drake took over the Kentucky Derby in order to film the “Churchill Downs” visual, which his friend, comedian Druski, noted was a serious milestone in Harlow’s career.

“This video was one for the books,” Druski wrote on his Instagram Story. “So inspirational to see Jack bring some of the biggest stars to his city & Kentucky to show us so much love.”

While the experience looked like a lot of fun, the Come Home The Kids Miss You lyricist said he ultimately lost a lot of  money on gambling at the annual horse race and turns out Drizzy is partially to blame.“I did, I lost a lot of money,” Harlow said to the 85 South Comedy Show. “I just told Drake I would bet what he bet, so I copied him.”

Check out the video for “Churchill Downs” below.