Jack Harlow Reflects On Performing For Empty Crowd – To Selling Out The Venue 3 Years Later


Birmingham, Alabama – Jack Harlow has come a long way since dropping his first project, The Handsome Harlow, in 2015. The Louisville, Kentucky native is a star these days, and he’s taking in all this newfound popularity on his Créme De La Créme Tour.

On Saturday (November 20), Jack Harlow took to his Twitter to reflect on a full-circle moment he was about to experience on the final date of the tour in Birmingham, Alabama. According to Harlow, he kicked off his very first tour in Birmingham.

“This is a photo of me performing at the very first show on my first tour ever. I was in Birmingham, Alabama in January 2018,” Jack Harlow wrote next to a picture of him performing in front of about 26 people. “Tonight is the last show of the tour I’m currently on…and we are finishing in Birmingham. It’s sold out. Thank u.”

That first tour will also hold a special place in Jack Harlow’s heart as he has previously spoken about his experiences on the road that year.

“I didn’t like it as I felt like there weren’t enough people in the crowd,” he told Dazed Digital in 2020. “I wasn’t quite there yet (as an artist) so I had to take those hits to my ego and stay humble. But the journey was worth it as I really like who I’ve become. I think I’m ready for arenas now.”

The Créme De La Créme Tour has been nothing but special for Jack Harlow. Another big moment came during the Toronto, Canada stop on November 16 where Harlow was surprised to see Drake watching him from the balcony at History. The “WHATS POPPIN” rapper took a minute to acknowledge the 6 God for coming out.

“Tonight was a dream come true for me for more than one reason,” Harlow told the crowd before leaving the stage. “First off, you sold this bitch out. Second, I was halfway through my performance when I looked up and I seen my idol looking at me, man… Toronto, make some noise for the GOAT one time.”