JAAFAR JACKSON Premieres His New Single In Anticipation Of Debut Album, “FAMOUS”


Making his official debut, Los Angeles born singer-songwriter and entertainer Jaafar Jackson​ releases his new single and video ​“Got Me Singing”​ today. Produced by his friend and chief collaborator ​Hardy Indiigo​ [Madonna, Carlos Santana], the track introduces a simmering style powered with live instrumentation and bordering pop, R&B, soul, and Caribbean influences. His dynamic delivery builds from breathy verses into a show-stopping refrain as he croons the immediately irresistible hook, ​“Got me singing​.​”​ An uptempo beat infused with South American elements such as Brazil’s very own Baile Funk and 90’s house chords, the track is Jaafar​’s introduction to his world.

About the song, ​Jaafar​ said, ​”While recording “Got Me Singing”, I knew this song would be a special one and would be a great introduction to my sound and upcoming album. It gave me the feeling of wanting to dance. I can’t wait to share it with the world and hope they get the same feeling.”

“Got Me Singing”​ is the first taste of new music off of ​Jaafar’​s forthcoming independent full-length, ​Famous,​ which will be released on his birthday, July 25t​h.

Given the legendary lineage of the ​Jackson ​family, music might be hardwired into his DNA, but Jaafar Jackson​ also trailblazes his own sound. The son of ​Jermaine Jackson​, he gravitated towards piano at just 12-years-old and immersed himself in songwriting and performing, spending countless hours on his craft. At the same time, he developed a heightened musical palette, spanning everything from film scores to icons such as his dad ​Jermaine​, aunt ​Janet​, late uncle ​Michael​,​ Sam Cooke​, ​Marvin Gaye​, ​Johnny Mathis​, and many more. Meeting French-Congolese creative ​Hardy Indiigo​, he unlocked an infectious and international energy through merging Afro-Latin sensibilities and pop R&B ambition.

Famous​ ignites this style on a global scale in 2019.