Ja Rule’s Kids Really Don’t Want Him To Do A Second Fyre Festival


As we all know, Ja Rule was a major part of the best festival that never happened when he lent his name to The Fyre Festival before it turned into a major scam that has gone down in history. While the “Mesmerize” rapper has apologized for his involvement in the festival, he’s still planning on bringing back the party for a successful second round. 

While Ja Rule may be excited, his kids have a different opinion on the matter as we’ve seen in the latest clip of Growing Up Hip Hop: New York. “I’m nervous about my dad recreating another festival,” Ja Rule’s daughter Brittney said, via E!. “It does make my heart drop to my stomach. I feel like it could get very messy very quickly, and it can go really bad.” 

Ja Rule's Kids Really Don't Want Him To Do A Second Fyre Festival
Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Ja Rule’s son Jeff explained how kids showed him numerous memes of the incident at school and agreed with his sister about being worried about their image being tarnished – something Ja Rule shared some wisdom on. 

“I will say this: You can’t always control in life what happens,” he explained. “You can control how you react to it, and the outcome of that. We here, we doing the f–k we doing. Iconic Fest here we come baby!” 

Would you go to a Fyre Festival put on by Ja Rule?