Ja Rules Denied Motion To Dismiss Fyre Festival Lawsuit: Report


Fyre Festival will go down in history which means that Ja Rule‘s name will forever be attached to the failed festival. He seems okay with it ultimately since he stands by the potential the festival had if Billy MacFarland didn’t scam everyone. The rapper tried to file a motion requesting a dismissal of the lawsuit accusing him of defrauding Fyre Festival attendees but the judge isn’t having it.

Ja Rules Denied Motion To Dismiss Fyre Festival Lawsuit: Report
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

According to TMZ, a judge denied Ja Rule’s motion to dismiss the case filed by Fyre Festival ticketholders. Ja was sued for defrauding thousands of ticket buyers who accused the rapper of finessing people into buying tickets through his social media posts. The judge is now moving forward but it wasn’t all bad news for Ja. The judge did happen to agree that there isn’t any proof that the alleged fake social media posts couldn’t be traced back to him or they simply aren’t defined as a fraud with the exception of one. The day before Fyre Festival was supposed to launch, Ja Rule tweeted, “The stage is set!!! In less than 24 hours, the first annual Fyre Festival begins. #festivallife.”

Unfortunately, this tweet might be his downfall. According to documents, the people suing Ja Rule said that by the time the rapper sent out the tweet, a lot of the performers were told by Ja Rule and the Fyre Festival organizers not to attend.