Ja Rule To Bury His Music In Time Capsules In 6 "Regions Of The World"


Ja Rule is working on music videos and visual albums but not for any new music, but rather his old releases that he wants to bring back to life. The 43-year-old “Mesmerize” rapper previously spoke about his plans to rerelease every album he’s created and now he’s got a new plan to create a music time capsule. 

Ja Rule To Bury His Music In Time Capsules In 6 "Regions Of The World"
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

“I had a really great idea, you may think it’s crazy, but I’m actually going to make it a time capsule. I’m going to bury it in six different regions of the world,” he explained, according to ET Canada. “If the world ends tomorrow, all they’ll have is Ja Rule. That’s the only music they’ll know.” Ja Rule noted how his plan has never been done before by any artist living or dead. 

Speaking of his past releases, Ja Rule made it very clear that he would love to accompany Jennifer Lopez onstage during her Super Bowl performance to show love to their past collaborations. “If Jennifer asked me to come to the Super Bowl to perform with her, of course I will come. When have I ever not come when she asked to perform with her?” he said.