Ja Rule Really, Truly Has Never Seen Any Of the Fyre Festival Documentaries


Because he ‘lived it,’ of course.

Ja Rule can't escape the infamous Fyre Festival disaster he was part of in 2017. During an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen peppered Ja with a series of questions surrounding the failed Bahamas festival and his involvement in the crisis. 

The NYC native still hasn't seen either of the Hulu or Netflix documentaries, the second of which earned an Emmy nomination, giving viewers an inside look at the nightmare experience. "I lived it, Andy. I’m good," the "Livin' It Up" rapper stated. Ja went on to say he hasn't had any contact with Fyre Festival creator Billy McFarland since he's went to prison on fraud charges. 

After remaining steadfast in his position that Fyre Festival was more of "fake advertising" rather than being a complete fraud, Ja Rule has moved off his stance a bit when looking back years later. "I believe now, after everything unraveled, it was a little of both," he admitted.

Ja also attempted to debunk the rumor of Ashanti's vocals from the reference track remaining on the "I'm Real" remix with Jennifer Lopez, which topped the Hot 100, but he didn't really know the final answer himself. 

Watch the clip below.