Ja Rule Laughs Off Haters While Teasing Long Awaited Return


The rise and fall Ja Rule is one hip-hop’s longstanding legends. In case you snoozed through the early-millennium narratives, consider this a crash course. From 1998 to approximately 2003 Ja Rule and Murda Inc were dominant forces in the game, bringing forth hits like “Holla Holla,” “Livin It Up,” and the J-Lo assisted “I’m Real.” It wasn’t uncommon to hear Ja’s signature growl on the charts; some might even argue that he’s the original Jeffery.

Unfortunately, the era came crashing down when Ja, Irv, and the Murda Inc soldiers challenged the Shady/Aftermath dynasty. With Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent setting their sights on Ja, it wasn’t long before their sheer star-power whittled him down. While Ja certainly fought valiantly (many still consider “Loose Change” a decisive blow), by the time the dust had settled, it was already over. Murda Inc faded from the spotlight, and Ja’s once respectable reign became a distant memory. 

While he’s still popped up from time to time, it has largely been over non-musical endeavors; his role in the maligned Fyre Festival comes to mind, as does his brief rekindling the 50 Cent beef. However, it would seem the winds change are howling; if you listen closely, you can see the st traces “it’s murda” in the air. 

As it happens, an emboldened Twitter user hit Ja’s page with a reminder “Hailie’s Revenge,” claiming the D12 posse cut ended Ja’s career. As it stands, Rule has other ideas. He swiftly clapped back, alluding to a long-awaited comeback. “You think I’m done…” writes Rule. “see you all soon!!!” Grab the phone, and get Cadillac Tah, Charlie Baltimore, and Black Child on the line. The band is getting back together.