Ja Rule Goes After 50 Cent on Twitter: 'You're My Bitch!'


Let’s keep it real: Ja Rule does not like 50 Cent. Case in point: the former Murder Inc. rapper went in on Fif Twitter on Friday (Jan. 19).

Their long-standing feud was reignited after 50 Cent said that he would “put him to bed” if he and Ja Rule ever crossed paths during an interview on Real 92.3's Big Boy’s Neighborhood morning radio show.

"Fun hip hop FACT: 50 Cent] is PUSSY," Ja tweeted once he caught wind the interview. "Let’s be clear I mind my business… but for some reason 50 Cent] keeps my name in his mouth… I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth lmao."

"I own your soul 50 Cent]. And EVERYONE sees it now… your my bitch!!!" he continued. "And to all you journalist, bloggers, radio personalities DONT BE SCARED TO ASK 50 Cent] why did he get an order protection or did I whoop him out at the studio or did he talk to the feds."

"Fun hip hop FACT: 50 Cent] has a #ticklebooty" he concluded.

For the uninitiated, Ja Rule and 50 Cent's rap beef goes way back to the 2000s when 50 was jumped and stabbed at the Hit Factory recording studio allegedly by Ja and his crew. Almost 20 years later, their feud is still ongoing.

Read some Ja Rule's heated tweets below. Take a look at 50 Cent's interview with Big Boy up top.