J. Prince Renames Wack 100 as “Officer Rat 100,” Says He Has “Diarrhea of the Mouth”


J. Prince has seen Wack 100 get into verbal altercations or share his opinion on notable figures across Hip-Hop, who he considers stand-up gentlemen. In the past year, Wack’s name has appeared next to Nipsey Hussle, Master P, Meek Mill, 21 Savage, and more in a controversial fashion. Appearing on Million Dollaz Worth of Game, J. Prince expressed his disdain for Wack’s statements.

“When I see one trying to shit on 2Pac, trying to shit on Nipsey, trying to shit on the homie Big U out there, trying to shit on Master P. Good niggas, real niggas. Meek Mill. I see a nigga get on a podcast with another rat and go off on 21 Savage. I’m like, ‘Oh, this nigga got diarrhea of the mouth. He like full of shit, right. He the type of nigga that will take a shit in the bed and blame it on the baby. Imagine that. You take a raw shit in the bed and say, ‘That’s the baby shit.’ This is how he go about trying to change the narrative and different shit about the truth.”

The rat that J. Prince is referencing is Tekashi 6ix9ine, who Wack 100 has aligned with for management. Later in the conversation, J. Prince would call Wack a rat as well.

“What be real cold about it is, some people get lost along the way, and they’ll roll off a cliff with Officer Rat 100,” J. Prince added. “I don’t like the shit, man. I’m gonna calm down and let y’all talk. I don’t believe in using a rat. Some niggas call ’em punks. I remember calling ’em sissies. He like a sissy to me. He’s a sissified nigga to me. Just for the record, I don’t want all the smoke that one talking about. I know how to put all that out.”

You can hear it from J. Prince himself below.