J Prince Awarded Honorary Doctorate Degree In Texas


J Prince is a legend out here. The CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records has been involved in so many aspects of hip-hop’s history, discovering so many artists and giving them room to shine. The Houston icon’s legacy is continuing on through his children, with one of them taking credit for Drake‘s rise to the top of the world. J Prince is still hustling though and he will never miss an opportunity to grow even further. The executive recently leveled up as he can now introduce himself to people as a doctor, having just been awarded an honorary degree from Texas Southern University.

According to the Houston Chronicle, TSU will be providing J Prince with an honorary doctorate in an attempt to remind all their students that following your dreams will pay off in the long run. “J. Prince is a Houston icon, and his connection to Texas Southern is strong,” said the school’s President Dr. Austin A. Lane. “In honoring him with this degree, we are expressing our appreciation for his ongoing support, and we are sending a message to all of the TSU community that following one’s dreams, against all odds, leads to great things.”

Last year, Prince published his first book, going on a media tour and finding himself back in the news because of it. The Rap-A-Lot personality has stated that he’s “humbled” to accept the honorary doctorate.