J. Cole ‘ATM’


Count it up, count it up, count it up! Fresh f the release his fifth album KOD, J. Cole unleashes the colorful and lesson-filled video for “ATM.”

Directed by Scott Lazer and Cole, the video is a surreal representation the money-inspired anthem. It features a group children flying on a contraption made drugs in search the almighty dollar.

Later, J. Cole plays the role a man who is also chasing his paper. He makes money, loses it all gambling, pays a literal arm and a leg for a car he can’t afford, and flies right into a tragic ending.

The visual also plays with other symbolic elements to emphasize the theme. For example, J. Cole raps inside a padded room full dollar bills to signify the craze for cash and in front a giant automated teller machine, as a nod to the song’s title.

“ATM” is a single f J. Cole’s just-released album KOD, which stands for Kids on Drugs, King Overdosed, and Kill Our Demons.

Watch the money-inspired visual below.

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