Izniik Catches a Chill But Determined Vibe in ‘LA’ Exclusive


Rub away the gritty veneer of Los Angeles and you’ll find breathtaking beauty, from its majestic palm trees and weatherproof beaches to the bright city lights and palpable electric current of big dreams being chased.

After releasing a trio of EPs and a spate of loosies over the last two years, the anonymous producer Izniik is today (Oct. 18) releasing his first music video alongside a new song, “LA,” inspired by his last night visiting the namesake city. The City of Angels can be a culture shock coming from most places, but for Izniik, it felt all the more extreme coming from his isolated abode in the woods.

“My visit flew by and I had this acute feeling of not wanting to go back to loneliness and being by myself again,” he tells Billboard Dance over email. “I started making the track on the ride to the airport in an attempt to capture the nostalgia I was already feeling: looking back at the time I spent here, knowing it was drawing to a close but not wanting it to all be over so soon.”

Izniik succinctly captures the vibe they describe in “LA,” in which vocalist Thatshymn sings, determined yet almost wistfully, about making the most of the night with someone over a production collage of gentle piano keys, soft bursts of sax, pattering percussion and twinkling accents. Its Diego Andrade-directed video is the perfect visual component, awash in vibrant jewel tones and distorted lenses, as juxtaposes a few focused still shots against a flurry of dizzying driving sequences through the city streets — chill, yet always buzzing and unpredictable.

“The city gave me an overwhelming sense that [at] any time in any place, something special was stirring,” Izniik writes. “I feel a tangible sense of excitement, anticipation and awareness when I am here. It’s a remarkable collision of people and cultures — you feel at any point something will explode in to some marvelous Big Bang of creativity…it's volatile and unpredictable.”

Watch “LA” below.