IU Unveils ‘Love Poem’ EP: Watch Music Videos for ‘Blueming’ & ‘About Time’


In 2019, all eyes are on K-pop. And throughout most of the past decade, all of South Korea has had its eyes on IU, one of the country’s most popular singer-actors. Known for her sweet, evocative music and dynamic vocal range, the 26-year-old returned Monday (Nov. 18) with the release of her first new music of 2019, Love Poem.

Preceded by the release of the titular song “Love Poem,” a poignant, inspiring ballad full of warmth and comfort, in late October, the EP was originally delayed from its original release date of Nov. 1, ostensibly in relation to the death of IU’s close friend Sulli. It arrived in full Monday with the release of music videos for the vivacious pop-rock tune “Blueming” and the melodious, theatrical “About Time.” 

The EP as a whole is almost like a Love Poem of sorts to IU’s career, with each of the singles representing a different part of her discography: “Love Poem” is reminiscent sonically of many of the poignant tunes in her A Flower Bookmark cover series, while “Blueming” is written by the same team as her coming-of-age tune “Twenty-Three” and continues her color-oriented lyrics featured in Palette and Chat-Shire albums.

“About Time,” however, is the true walk down memory lane of IU’s career: It is both a sonic and visual sequel to 2011’s hit “You and I”: the music video features the continuation of the story first introduced in that song’s music video, with IU joined once again by actor Lee Hyun-woo to continue the time-bound tale, this time with an added country flair.

Love Poem is IU's first Korean album since 2017's A Flower Bookmark 2, and features her first new singles since last year's "Bbibbi."

Check out the music videos for IU’s Love Poem and take a listen to the rest of the album below.