Itzy Take Over a Rooftop, Show Off Their Epic Moves in Colorful ‘Icy’ Video Teaser: Watch


Itzy shared the teaser for their upcoming "Icy" video on Wednesday (July 24) and it looks like fans are in for a treat.

The teaser starts out in an office, as two men in business suits look out the window and see something strange: the K-pop group dancing outside on a nearby roof. 

The five members, dressed in vibrant neon colors, whip out a perfectly-choreographed dance routine as "Icy" kicks in. Then, right as they're about to get into it, the clip cuts to a title card with their name and song title.

The group recently made a big mark on the Billboard charts when their debut single, "Dalla Dalla," earned one of the highest-charting debuts for a K-pop group. They also made their social 50 debut, thanks to teasers announcing their return on social media, racking up 250,000 Twitter reactions in the tracking week ending July 12. Now they're gearing up for the release of their It'z Icy EP, set for release on July 29.

As we wait for the new music video and EP, check out the video teaser below.