It’s National Chocolate Chip Day & You Can Get Free Cookies


Earlier this week, we reported on Häagen-Dazs’ earth-friendly initiative. The company behind the delicious frozen deserts announced they would be giving away a free ice cream cone upon purchase at any of their chosen locations. The latter was to support efforts to protect the honey-bee, an insect currently on the verge of extinction due to climate change and the over-use of pesticides. As such, the company offered threats to its clients with the hope of raising awareness for the beloved honey-bees. While Häagen-Dazs gave you both a delicious treat and opportunity to make a difference in the world, today’s news is simply for the benefit of your belly.

It is officially National Chocolate Chip Day and brands are offering free cookies. Even Cookie Monster‘s official Twitter released a statement to celebrate the holiday. As such, Nestle Tollhouse Cafe locations are giving away freebies today. Precisely, every customer can get a free chocolate chip cookie and so without having to make any purchases whatsoever. Just hit up one of the 140 locations. Potbelly Sandwich Shop is also offering a free cookie, with the purchase of any items on Wednesday, May 15th. So make sure you head over before they run out. 

Happy National Chocolate Chip Day!