Is Young Thug "Fashion"? So Claims The Rapper


Honouring his deaf brother, Young Thug AKA Sex plans to go the full year without releasing any music to recognize his sibling that cannot hear nor speak. While we may receive the ten-teased Hi Tunes album sometime in 2019, Thugger warned his fans not to expect any new music until the new year. In the same interview with Hypebeast, Thug made some boisterous claims regarding his fashion sense and his role in the world clothing. At the beginning the interview, Thugger jumps straight into his assertions, saying, “I am fashion.”

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While the Atlanta rapper’s creative influence on the music world has been highly documented with even Elton John comparing Thug to John Lennon, his impact on fashion has not been chronicled as much. Thug has a point as he acted as a model in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 fashion show and pulls f unique fits that not many people would think twice about. Jeffery’s claims are unquestionably bold as he rocks a Gucci “Hollywood” sweater, speaking about the landscape fashion, “I don’t even think I can get in any deeper. I wake up and breathe this.”

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There’s no doubt that Young Thug is a creative individual, easily paving his own lane in the rap world and dressing like a total rock star. With Thug taking the year f music, we could possibly see him go deeper into the fashion industry, despite his claims that he doesn’t have any further to go.