Is City Girls’ Rapper JT Actually Still In Prison?


All summer, we were wondering when City Girls star JT would be released from prison. She had been serving time for credit card fraud and, last week, she finally met back up with Yung Miami and the Quality Control team upon her release from the pen. Showing off a few photos of herself rocking flashy ice and even releasing a “First Day Out” freestyle, we were convinced that JT was legitimately out of prison. However, some fans are skeptical, believing that this is all an elaborate cover-up and that she’s actually still serving time. Conspiracy theorists, eat your hearts out.

Is City Girls' Rapper JT Actually Still In Prison?

Take this information with a grain of salt. There’s a very high chance that JT is actually out of jail but, upon checking the official government prison records, she’s seemingly still at RRM Atlanta, a penitentiary in Georgia. Searching for the star by her real name, Jatavia Shakara Johnson, will lead you to find that she’s apparently still behind bars. 

We’ve reached out to the City Girls and their representatives for some clarity and are currently waiting for their response. With this development though, plenty of people will certainly be scratching their heads to get to the bottom of everything. On the Federal Bureau of Prisons website, you can send Johnson money, fan mail, or even schedule a visit.  According to the government’s records, she’s only due to be released on March 7, 2020.

Do you think this is all one big conspiracy or has the website just not been updated? Alternatively, it’s possible that the release date listed pertains to her halfway house status. What do you think?

Is City Girls' Rapper JT Actually Still In Prison?
Screenshot via Federal Bureau of Prisons