Ireland's Eurovision Song Contest Performance of 'Together' Showcased a Gay Love Story


The annual Eurovision Song Contest has always been an international spectacle. Each year, participating countries choose a song to be performed on live television and radio around the world, after which international audiences vote on which song deserves the win. Oftentimes, Eurovision songs are typically genre-less power ballads or upbeat dance songs, usually talking about a desire for world peace and harmony.

This year’s entry from Ireland, however, is a bit different. While Ryan O'Shaughnessy’s song “Together” still fits the mold the previously described power ballad, his performance the song on Tuesday (May 8) featured two male dancers romantically moving through the song.

After performing the song and receiving an overwhelming number votes, O’Shaughnessy and Ireland were able to move forward into the final round the competition — the first time Ireland has done so since 2013.

The song was debuted as a music video back in March on Eurovision’s ficial YouTube channel. The video similarly featured a couple dancing through a snowy street, blissfully enjoying the other’s company while O’Shaughnessy, not featured in the video, sings in the background.

It’s somewhat surprising to see this song accompanied by a love story — the lyrics to O’Shaughnessy’s “Together” reminisce on a now-failed relationship in which the singers croons “I thought we'd be together 'til we die/ I'll forever wonder why”

Watch the full performance “Together” from the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Finals below: