IPhone 11’s Rumored New Camera Design Has Leaked


At the start of the New Year, it was revealed that Apple had plans to change around some design elements for their new iPhone, following their lower-than-expected sales. Leaks hinted that changes would include the setting up of a triple rear camera that would potentially use Time of Flight tech to allow the new iPhone to render 3D maps of anything within a few meters.

A recently tweeted leak of iPhone 11 case moldings, by Bloomberg writer Mark Gurman, appears to show that all three models will feature a rounded-edge, square bump on the back in the top left corner of the device, with a new camera design. The images show what is believed to be the three upcoming iPhone 11 models, stacked side-by-side. Unlike the iPhone XS and XS successor, the updated iPhone XR (pictured in the middle of the photo) will include a second camera that appears on top of one the first, whilst yet another model will feature a third camera that “will have an ultra-wide-angle lens to produce larger and more detailed photos,” according to a Bloomberg report

As previously reported, the three lens camera was designed to compete with Samsung’s S9 and new Note models and will have the privilege of an OLED display, while two less expensive iPhone models will come with an LCD screen. Even though we are a few months shy of receiving the official confirmation from Apple regarding the iPhone 11 details, it hasn’t stop speculations and leaks from consumers coming in.