Atlanta, GA based Christian Neal is a well-known Hip-Hop beat producer who’s been in the business for over two decades, and has produced countless beats for top artists. We interviewed him to get to know more about him as well as the behind the scenes of making beats and producing music. 

What’s the difference between a beat maker and a producer?

A beat maker is responsible for making the beat and selling it. 

The Producer isn’t the beat maker in some cases. The producer puts everything together, knows what direction he/she wants the song to go in. He’s like a liaison between the artist and engineer. They work closely with both ends to get the best sound.

Who is the greatest producer of all times for you?

Timbaland. He produces in all genres. 

How do you approach an instrumental vs a track that will feature a vocalist? 

A track is an instrumental before vocals or a vocalist. I approach them the same. I just try not to let the vocals make or break the instrumental.

Do you have any advice for producers working on their craft?

Invest in yourself and don’t stop. If you really have the talent for it, it will show with practice.

What’s the rest of 2019 looking like for you?

Seven Entertainment Group, paperwork and beats.