Interview With Emerging San Diego Rapper KingAudi


The artist behind the hit single “2 AM,” KingAudi has hit new levels of success with his unique talents. After the success of tracks such as “Save Her,” KingAudi has gained worldwide recognition for his strong skills to convey sultry vocals over fine tunes. We took this opportunity to chat with the talented artist about his new projects and releases.

First of all, congratulations on your hit track “Pope.” Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and what your drive was to create it?
There wasn’t really any specific inspiration, I just heard the beat and cooked to it.

Can you tell what single was the most fun to create and why?
Every beat I write feels fun in a different way, so each song has a special place for me.  

With 3 hit tracks under your belt, what does your work aim to say?
Each song has a different message. The most important thing for me is that people like my music, and that’s what keeps me going. 

Who are your biggest music influences to this day?
Mozart inspires me the most.

What was the drive behind the track “2 AM,” and what do you think made it such a successful hit?
Again, it’s the beat that first caught my attention. Then I started freestyling around the beat, and “2 Am” was produced.

What is an “unusual” thing that you do that gets your creative juices flowing?
Nothing unusual, but I constantly remind myself of all the people who kept telling me that I couldn’t become anything in life.. that motivated me to stay focused and give my best in everything I do. 

Have you always wanted to be a rapper?
Although I never thought about it before, today I am more determined than ever to follow this path.

What would you say was the most significant challenge in creating the track “Save Her”?
I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was something related to a blunt that kept turning off which got me really irritated!


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