Interpol Takes a Trip Through Mexico City in 'The Rover' Watch


The first cut from Interpol's upcoming album Marauder now has a corresponding video; “The Rover” presents an action-packed journey through Mexico City. 

The documentary-style video uses Girls and The Purnisher star Ebon Moss-Bachrach as a main character, showing him navigating through the cultural city, stopping at witchcraft markets and taking in the sights the city.

Moss-Bachrach's character interrupts an Interpol press conference to announce their new album, which actually occurred in real life at the album announcement in Mexico. At the time, fans speculated as to why exactly the actor suddenly appeared mid-press conference without warning, and now it's become apparent that it was a stunt for the video. 

Marauder is Interpol's first album since 2014, and is due August 24.

Check out the video below.