Instagram Gallery: Keyshia Ka'oir's Hottest Pics Shared By Gucci Mane


While the origin the Wopsters’ romance is clouded by long-distance separation due to Gucci Mane’s numerous incarcerations, (ranging from aggravated assault to parole violation) the true testament to their love lies in their shared perseverance through hardship, not the absence a meet-cute story. From when Gucci first spotted Ka’oir in XXL’s “Eye Candy Of The Year” feature to when the rapper first met her on the set his “Boy from the Block” video, it quickly became clear that the “Met Gala” hitmaker would eventually make the wellness entrepreneur his wife. 

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“He was in love with me on sight,” said the Ka’oir Fitness founder. “Gucci has always meant a lot to me. A lot times, I feel like he’s misunderstood. I know that I’m one the few people that really understands him. I was his biggest support system, and no matter what he goes through I’m going to be there for him.”

Echoing the sentiment his wife, Gucci revealed in his autobiography that Ka’oir’s influence was the reason behind his life-changing transformation while in prison. “I had Keyshia, my first real love. The first woman I ever wanted to bring to a red carpet and let the world know this was my lady,” he wrote. “She held me down the whole time I was locked up and showed me what it means to have somebody you can truly count on.”

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After showcasing their lavish wedding on the BET docu-series Gucci Mane & Keyshia Ka’Oir: The Mane Event, Gucci Mane proves he is just as eager to showcase his supportive, undying love for his woman by consistently building her up on the ‘Gram for all to see. 

Check out this gallery Gucci serving some big ups to his wife for all his 7.6 million followers to see.


Mrs. Davis 

Captioning the pic with a simple “Mrs. Davis,” the rapper is clearly a fan two things–Ka’oir’s all-red ensemble, and the fact that she boasts both his name and his ring on her finger. 


A st focus shot paired with Ka’oir’s fully-beat face makes this snap the envy all YouTube beauty bloggers in the game. From her flawless coral lips and her full lashes, it’s clear why Gucci is proud to call the entrepreneur “mi esposa.” 

No Shirt? No Problem

 Proud his wife’s smokin’ hot bod, Gucci uploaded this snap Ka’oir’s top half covered in nothing but her sleek locks. 

Mrs. Davis

Just like millions other grooms worldwide, Gucci was absolutely floored by his wife-to-be’s beauty on their big day. In this snap, Ka’oir looks both contemplative and content while clad in her custom Youself Alijasmi dress while clutching a “bouquet” cut crystals. (Tbh, she’s probably thinking about that $1.7 million price tag) “I thank God for my wife,” captioned the rapper. 

From The Behind

Saving his then-fiancé from struggling to get a good pic her behind while awkwardly posing in front the bathroom mirror, Gucci proudly uploaded this snap showing f her well-toned “rear assets. “


The MTV VMA-winning rapper isn’t one to let his wife hit the town with bare wrists. Eager to show the empire they’ve cultivated, Gucci uploaded this icy shot. 

Total Babe

If Ka’oir ever needs a pick-me-up, her famous husband has her covered. “You look gorgeous babe,” captioned Gucci in this picture Ka’oir pulling f a form-fitting one piece. 

The Wopsters: A Movement

Consistently placing his wife on a pedestal, Gucci is quick to remind fans that while he is a “movement” unto himself, his partner makes him a “better man.” 

All Dressed In Red

It’s no surprise that Gucci reserved Valentine’s Day 2017 for his then-bride-to-be. “Happy Valentine’s Day @keyshiakaoir love you my beautiful bride to be,” wrote the rapper alongside a snap Ka’oir dressed in a cut-out dress and matching red lip.

Thrice As Nice

Flexin’ for the Gram on his woman’s birthday, Gucci posted not one, but three side-by-side images Ka’oir looking stunning in a two-piece denim ensemble. “I love you baby!! God created an amazing woman today!! You’re such a gift I damn near feel like it’s my birthday,” wrote the “I Get the Bag” rapper.