Insomniac Shares EDC Comp, Your Fave DJs Share Their Must-See Acts: Exclusive


Who are you most excited to see at EDC Las Vegas? The annual carnival lights and music hits the Nevada desert Friday to Sunday, May 18 to 20. That means you've got a few days to catch up on the latest and greatest sounds on the lineup, which means it's about time Insomniac drops its annual EDC Vegas compilation.

It's the third time the event company has given fans such an ear-tickling treat. This year's collection features more than 30 tunes, including a brand-new track from Kaskade featuring Brohug and Mr. Tape, a new jam from Tiesto and Mesto, and exclusive bits from Parker, Sinden, Rell The Soundbender with Kaku, and Soothsayer with Follow the Sun.

“The Insomniac Records team has delivered a big one here with the third edition our EDC Las Vegas compilation,” Insomniac Founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella tells Billboard. “This year's album features over 30 tracks from artists you can catch at the festival like Kaskade, 12th Planet, Chris Lake, Solardo and SLANDER. Hit the play button and let this be the soundtrack on your journey to the desert next weekend.”

In celebration the impending fun, Billboard Dance teamed up with EDC to ask some the compilation's creatives who they're most excited to see on the EDC lineup. There are a few votes for Porter Robinson's Virtual Self, lots love for French duo Tchami and Malaa, and even a shout out for Billboard Dance's own editor and founder Matt Medved.

Buy the EDC Las Vegas 2018 compilation, and double check your schedule so you don't miss out on the certified greatness below.


Yultron – “If you want the bragging rights seeing a superstar before everyone else knew it, go see Yultron.”

Chris Lake

ANDY C – “I’ve heard so much from my friends about how sick his sets are, so it’s about time I experienced one myself. I also have a big st spot for D'n'B. Bring it on.”


A-Trak – “We can’t wait to see (him) play. Not only does he put on an amazing show with his insane DJ skills, he is also one the legends and pioneers electro that inspired us from the beginning.”


WAVEDASH – “We are super excited to see Wavedash at EDC Vegas. These guys are making some the best new bass music right now, and we usually play at least three  their songs in every set. We can’t wait to hear their DJ set on Friday night.”

San Holo

Zeke Beats, Virtual Self and DROELOE – “I'm excited to see Virtual Self, since I didn't get to catch him at Ultra earlier this year. I love that whole project. 'Ghost Voices' was one my favorite new songs in awhile. I was also excited to catch Zeke Beats and DROELOE, but I just realized I'll be playing at Hangout Festival] on Saturday, so I won't be able to catch them. Both are amazing producers, though, so you guys should definitely check out their sets.”

Jai Wolf

Tchami b2b Malaa – “I really enjoy everything that comes out on the Confessions record label. I’ve seen them both individually, so I’m excited to finally see these two go back to back.”


Illenium – “For me, there is one artist that no one should miss at this year’s EDC — Illenium. He's been making some truly epic and timeless tracks over the past year. I can’t wait to see him drop them all on the Cosmic Meadow.”


Excision – “I haven’t seen his show in a while, and he always does such an incredible job matching his music and visuals. I love the energy from Excision, and I think it would make it even more epic seeing it under the electric sky.”

AC Slater

Tchami b2b Malaa – “Been wanting to see this show since they started doing it, but I just haven't had a chance to see it yet. I feel like this is probably the best way to see it for the first time. Also looking forward to seeing a ton our regular Night Bass artists like Chris Lorenzo, Sinden, Jack Beats, Bijou & Volac do their thing on big stages at EDC Vegas.”

12th Planet

Matt Medved – “I would like to see the artist Matt Medved play the most. He’s got awesome taste in music, and his set will blow minds.”


Armin Van Buuren – “He was the first DJ I had ever seen at a rave back in 2009 at Together As One, and that changed my life forever. That was the last time I saw him as well, so it would be a real treat.”

Rell The Soundbender

DROELOE – “DROELOE for sure. I’ve actually been trying to catch their set for a while now. Their music is inspiring, and I can only imagine the feels their live set brings.”

Vini Vici

A-Trak – “If you looking for high DJing skills, he is on the top the game.”


Adriatique – “Their productions are crazy and DJ sets are flawless. The synths in their records are some the best we've ever heard, especially on a big festival system like at EDC. Some the sounds they're able to make in the studio blow you away. It's mad. We love their music.”

Born Dirty

Ivy Lab – “Perfect place to go hear future, hybrid bass music to crack my skull.”

Chris Lorenzo

DJ Hype b2b DJ Hazard – “I’ve listened to them since i was 11 years old. (They) were huge influences on me growing up and still to this day.”


Hein (from DROELOE) // Virtual Self – “I'm most excited to see Virtual Self. I'm really interested in seeing how the whole world/universe he's created with the music and the branding and the overall aesthetic will come to life on stage.”

Vincent (from DROELOE) // Ivy Lab – “As far as all the acts on the EDC lineup go, I'm probably most excited to see Ivy Lab. (I) think they're super unique producers, and I've really been digging their stuff lately, plus I've never seen them live. Also excited to catch up with the homies like Moksi and Ekali as always, so them too.”


MK – “I definitely want to catch MK’s set. He’s an OG house lord, and I feel like it’ll be such amazing energetic experience.”