Innocent Civilians Become Possessed in Eminem's New 'Venom' Watch


In August, Eminem unexpectedly launched his new album Kamikaze, with the music "Venom" serving because the mission's closing monitor. On Friday (Oct. 5), he returns with a darkish video for the Tom Hardy-starring Marvel movie of the identical title, which is out now.

Continuing the place he left off from his earlier "Fall" video, "Venom" begins with Em's 2017 Revival CD being stepped on. A "symbiote" -- which eerily resembles the one from the brand new Marvel flick -- makes its method onto the scene, attacking harmless bystanders. After interacting with the villainous substance, the now-possessed civilians start wreaking havoc in town ad infinitum.

"Venom" comes after Eminem launched his eviscerating file "Killshot," which focused Machine Gun Kelly of their ongoing feud. The file rocketed to No. three on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Watch "Venom" beneath.