Indonesia’s Dipha Barus & Monica Karina Spread Summer Love On ‘You Move Me’: Exclusive


It's summer time in the United States, and that means it's time to play in the sun. You could go to the beach or hit the wood for a camping adventure, but we at Billboard Dance invite you to Indonesia where one producer is making moods so bright and playful, they cut to your heart and make your soul radiate smiles.

Dipha Barus has more than a decade of experience rockin' crowds in his native country. He blends soul, R&B, future beats and shiny pop elements to create sensual, summery, and infectious tunes. His risen the ranks in his native Jakarta, but he moves beyond with "You Move Me" featuring Monia Karina, his first international release on Ultra Music.

"You Move Me" is a tropical bop that gets right under you skin and gets your hips in a wind. It's the producers third collaboration with the Indonesian singer, and it blends elements of Baile, Afro, soul, R&B and gospel sounds with traditional Indonesian instruments to create a sunray of sound. Barus even used sound-healing frequency sounds in the hopes that it would bring invigorating energy into the song. 

"'You Move Me' is probably my most favorite song, as it really shows my personal side about what inspires me," Barus says. "I try to give back all the good vibrations I got, within this song. Hopefully this song can also move your beautiful soul."

"In order to be in love and at peace with our surroundings, we should first be in love and at peace with ourselves," Karina adds. "That is why 'You Move Me' is the anthem we can sing to all those we love, to what we believe in, and most importantly, to our very own selves."

If you don't feel the love yet, you will when you press play on "You Move Me." It's out everywhere around the globe come Friday, July 19, but you can listen to it a day ahead of schedule, exclusively on Billboard Dance.