Indie-Dance Musician Leadr Channels Religious Renaissance Paintings in Ethereal '11:11' Music Video


LA-based indie dance musician Leadr says the meaning behind the video for his latest single, “11:11,” is manifesting your higher purposes.

“I pulled references from religious renaissance paintings and portrayed our motions by being still in some shots. The dance sections represent releasing fears and being true to yourself,” the singer and producer told Billboard.

He explained that one his favorite scenes is when his collaborator, singer-songwriter TXVX, holds a blooming flower. “It’s such a powerful shot that symbolizes fulfilling our soul’s purpose. Her performance brought joy and happiness which is what we all strive to do in life."

Leadr explained the significance the 11:11 timestamp: “It’s much more than making a wish and good luck. I believe it’s a positive message from the universe and the number transition. The eleventh hour is before the start a new day, a new beginning. We all have a chance for new changes and achieving our goals.”

Check out the video for “11:11” below.

Leadr performs at The Mint in Los Angeles on Sunday, Sept. 2.