Imagine These 10 (Hypothetical) Rap/Rock Stadium Tours


The worlds Rock and Rap can truly feel like different dimensions. The days the Warped or Family Values tours, where acts from disparate genres toured the nation side-by-side feel long departed. That isn’t to say that rap and rock have drifted further away from each other; if anything. the blurred line between rapper and rockstar has become difficult to discern. Still, it’s hard to imagine genre-spanning collaborations that would make musical sense while still remaining commercially ble. 

In this ever-evolving era, hip-hop has become so diverse that frankly, there’s a rapper who’s musical style is well suited to any and all sub-genres  rock. Given that it’s becoming a harder to find logical dual rap headliners for tours these days, perhaps the solution is to bring back the rap/rock link-up. With that in mind, here are ten potential genre-bending lineups, tailor made for stadium success.