Illiterate Light Gets Spiritual Awakening in ‘Better Than I Used To’ Exclusive


Good company becomes a transformational event in the video for blues-rock duo Illiterate Light’s latest single “Better Than I Used To,” available exclusively on Billboard today (Aug. 23). 

The Virginia-bred duo — guitarist Jeff Gorman and drummer Jake Cochran — follow the light in a visual that translates the euphoric, restorative powers of love into a reverent and downright hypnotic experience. It’s crafty and convention-breaking in the same vein that the band manages to draw out so much energy with so little accompaniment while also giving new context to the fan-favorite staple.

"We were largely musing off of the single artwork for ‘Better Than I Used To’ and tried to let our bodies lead us into three trance-like movements that would transport us into another world,” Gorman tells Billboard. “Ultimately, we wanted a fresh take on the meaning of the song, and how the simple act of thinking of another person can literally transport you to a different universe, if only in your mind.”

The video also reflects the band’s spiritual connection to the place where it all started for them as Gorman reveals that they “shot a large portion of the video at Wildside Farms, the place where Jake and I laid the foundational roots of our band.” The pastoral setting fits the clear-headed realizations in the song as it provides the necessary respite to truly appreciate the ones around you. 

“Better” precedes Illiterate Light’s self-titled debut studio album, set to drop on Oct. 11 Atlantic Records. 

Check out the video for “Better Than I Used To” below.