Illenium Opens Up About Addiction On 'Take You Down': Listen


Now more than ever, Americans find themselves in hard conversations about opiate addiction, suicide, depression, alcoholism and all manner personal struggles. It seems every new week brings news another beloved celebrity opening up, overdosing or even passing away from drug overdose, or just not having the strength to carry on. It's pro that everyone suffers, no matter how famous or rich or loved, but there can be a hope when those we look up to open up about their pain. It shows that we are all in this together, that we have more in common than we think.

Illenium recently bared his soul in a heartfelt letter to fans and friends. He posted the note to Twitter, telling in sorrowful detail how an addiction to heroin nearly took his life six years ago. 

"I was trapped in it," he writes, "Had no passion, no direction, and truly hated myself. It was such a dark time for me and my family because when it gets bad enough, hope begins to dim and there's no escaping reality."

He explains how it felt to drag everyone around him down, simply because they loved him and would never give up hope. He only got better because that love, and now, he can stand tall and confident on years success, with two emotional albums behind him. His latest single "Take You Down," out today (Aug. 3) reflects on the journey he's made and the dark place he's emerged from triumphant. 

"Take Me Down" is ultimately a rewarding moment. It's melodies soar high like the phoenix that rises from flames on each his album covers. He hopes it might help others out there who are still struggling, just as he will struggle against that addiction for the rest his life.

You can listen to "Take Me Down" and read his heartfelt message in full below.