Ike Turner’s Daughter Denies That Her Father Ever Raped Tina Turner


Ike Turner was married to Tina Turner when he impregnated one of his backup dancers and become a father to Mia Turner. Tina released her autobiography in October of last year that detailed jaw-dropping recollections of her marriage to Ike, that explained rape, and endless abuse at the hands of her husband. 

However, Mia claims that such events aren’t true in her recent conversation with Daily Mail. According to the publication, Mia states that the violent rape scene in the film What’s Love Got to Do with It (the film on Tina’s life) was “fictionalized.”

Ike Turner's Daughter Denies That Her Father Ever Raped Tina Turner
Michael Putland/Getty Images

“Obviously I wasn’t there that night…but after I saw the movie I called Tina’s sister Aillene and said: ‘What in the world?’ She then called Tina and confirmed to me that it never happened,” Mia told the publication. “A high percentage of Tina’s account has been accurate. When she signed off on the movie it was the way she wanted it, but it was edited heavily afterwards.”

She added: “We find out later it was tweaked. It was made Hollywood, so there’s quite a few scenes, primarily the rape scene. It didn’t happen. In Hollywood, sex sells, whether it’s good, bad or indifferent.”

Mia is working on a documentary of her own since she lived with Ike, Tina and her mother at one point during her childhood.