IHOP Is Giving Away $1 Pancake Stacks Today


We always ensure to inform you of noteworthy deals currently offered. Most recently, we shared Häagen-Dazs’s generous initiative wherein the dessert company offered free ice cream cones as a way to raise awareness surrounding the slow and steady extinction of bees. Moreover, a few companies gave away free cookies during National Chocolate Chip Day last week. And now, IHOP is offering an exclusive pancake deal today.

Accordingly, the multinational pancake house restaurant chain announced they would be giving away a short stack of pancakes for only $1. The latter is an initiative linked to a charitable act as the proceeds will go to the Children of Fallen Patriots, a foundation dedicated to helping children of men and women in our armed forces who died on duty. Children of Fallen Patriots aids in alleviating the cost of college tuition fees for these very children. 

The specifics as of yet detail that “each short stack of pancakes order will be available at the special price of $1 at participating IHOP restaurants, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. only. Coffee or other drinks, and sides and additional menu items will cost extra.” Therefore head on over to IHOP to have yourself some delicious pancakes for a good cause.