Iggy Azalea Twerks With a Bucket of KFC Chicken: Watch


Iggy Azalea has once again proved to social media that the booty is something to be respected.

The "Mo Bounce" singer posted a video to her Instagram account on Monday (July 23), in which she twerks while balancing a bucket KFC fried chicken on her bottom.

In the video, captioned simply with "I love my life," Azalea rocks a super sexy set fishnets, black underwear, and knee-high striped boots, matching crop top and a sleek ponytail. While she leans on the stair railing to her private jet, an assistant places a bucket chicken on the rapper's famously curved posterior. 

After pulling f the stunt, Iggy walks over to the front the camera and flashes a smile before signing f with a kiss.

Check out the full video below.