Iggy Azalea Plans On Giving High School Students Fresh Back-to-School Fits


Iggy Azalea may be surviving the summer, but she's looking forward to the fall — and she's set on making sure some high school students have some back-to-school outfits they love in time for picture day.

The rapper has been a longtime fan and partner  Fashion Nova, and she's hoping to work with them to outfit some “deserving” high school students with new threads before the first bell the new school year rings. For Azalea, it's a throwback to her own high school days, as she shared that she used to shop in thrift stores and “sew sequins etc. on it to make the clothes] look better.”

She threw the idea out there on Twitter, and mentioned that she's got a meeting coming up with the brand to make this plan a reality — and that she's sharing it with her followers so that she follows through with the initiative.

Check out Azalea's tweets below.