Iggy Azalea Drops 2 New Songs: 'Tokyo Snow Trip' & 'Kream' Feat. Tyga


The drought is almost over. Iggy Azalea surprised fans Thursday (July 5) when she dropped two new singles: the grimy "Kream" featuring Tyga and the similarly dark "Tokyo Snow Trip."

In a recent interview, the Australian rapper compared the latter to the Ying Yang Twins' hushed "The Whisper Song" from 2005, which makes sense since her verses alternate the rapper's signature swaggy delivery with a more hushed, whispery vibe.

"Roads with the cracks, with the rats, and the roaches (roaches)/ Bust the duffle bag open (open)/ Hush money in the sa (shhh)/ Bitch, you know what I'm talkin'," Azalea raps on "Snow Trip," which slinks along on an ominous, booming bass-drum kick and not much else on a Bedrock-produced track that is being fered up gratis along with "Kream" for fans who pre-order the upcoming six-track Survive the Summer EP.

Azalea was working on an album titled Digital Distortion for much 2017, which she scrapped in November in favor the six-pack Surviving the Summer, which is due Friday. A fresh deal was cut with Island and a new single, the Quavo-assisted "Savior," dropped in February. Surviving the Summer follows her 2014 release, Reclassified, a reissue her top three Billboard 200 debut The New Classic

"Kream," which samples Wu-Tang Clan's legendary 1993 song "C.R.E.A.M.," is a similarly spare, slow-bounce track that references both punk icon Sid Vicious and model Bella Hadid in the lines, "Keep that energy, gon' up that Hennessy (ass)/ I need my bag quickly/ Separate 6 degrees, bitches said they know me/ Sex pistols, Sid Vicious, what you want is horny/ Hit me on my cash app, check it in the morning/ Cash, in this bitch shinin'/ Dressed in designer, she could get heightening/ And it's perfect timing, dream with the tanny/ Bella Hadid, homie could get it," before dropping into the blunt bridge "Ass/ Cash, cash/ Ass, bags/ Bag/ Cash rules everything around me."

Four years after the release The New Classic, Azalea has been teasing the Summer EP for the past week, posting a series images from what appears to be the "Kream" video and the sultry album cover, a nod to Janet Jackson's iconic 1993 Rolling Stone magazine cover. The posts tease a July 6 release date for the EP.

Listen to them below and check out the EP teasers.