Iggy Azalea Celebrates Getting Her Green Card


After years adopting the homogeneous form Americans, Iggy Azalea has finally been granted Green Card privileges. The Aussie rapper emigrated to the states at the age 16, quite literally dropping out high school and staging a faux-vacation as a conduit for her planned escape. 

She shared the news Instagram Story. In the video posted yesterday, Iggy refers to herself and her two friends as gilded members the “Immigrant Club.” With her documents in hand, the group can barely contain their excitement, as they bunny hop around the kitchen island. The Aussie rapper then exclaims “I got accepted into America” at the behest the group.

Iggy was definitely due some luck after months conflict with her parent label caused her album drop to delay. The rapper has also recently confessed her difficulties with a mood disorder which kept her dormant for years on end. Without passing judgement to her music directly, as compassionate human to another, I hope that her immigration status will be uplifting towards her general health. See the heartfelt moment for yourself,  theShadeRoom.