Idris Elba Struggling On "Hot Ones" Is The Meme Of The Moment


When you see a new episode of First We Feast’s web series, “Hot Ones”, on your YouTube homepage, you probably wonder to yourself: “Hm, let’s see how this turns out.” Then you click and discover that you were foolish to imagine that the interview could lead to anything but a red-faced, sweaty celebrity struggling to answer simple questions about themselves. Yes, this was even the case with the impossibly cool English actor, Idris Elba. Whether the guest is Schoolboy Q, Juice WRLD or Offset, the show’s host, Sean Evans, is unfailingly the only one to make it to last spicy chicken wing with his shit still together. 

If you aren’t familiar with “Hot Ones”, the biggest names in the entertainment industry are brought on to the show to eat a series of wings doused in hot sauce of incremental levels of hotness. Idris Elba’s interview, which was posted on August 1, shows him subject to the same painful fate as all the other people who were brave enough to take on the challenge.

About twenty minutes into the episode, the Hobbs & Shaw actor’s face starts cringing and eyes start watering, exclaiming “WTF?” amidst uncontrollable coughing. Some wise individual with a keen eye for meme material noticed that this clip would be perfect to express shock. The Internet quickly ate it up and now Idris Elba’s attack is flooding social media. Here are some of the greatest hits.