Identical Twins, One Black & One White, Fascinate Researchers As "Miracles"


Two U.K. twins were born with different skin tones and different features and it’s left many with lots questions about race. Marcia and Millie Biggs have a white mother who is English born and a father Jamaican descent. Marcia has features that resemble more her mother with blonde hair and a much lighter skin tone – she even has a straighter nose. 

Millie, however, has dark brown hair and tighter curls with a darker skin tone. 

“When they were first born,” their mother, Amanda, tells National Geographic. “I would be pushing them in the pram, and people would look at me and then look at my one daughter and then look at my other daughter. And then I’d get asked the question: ‘Are they twins?’”

The two girls say they’ve never experienced different kinds racism but are very aware what it is. “Racism is where somebody judges you by your color and not by your actual self,” Millie says. It’s “a negative thing because it can hurt people’s feelings,” Marcia adds.

“When people see us, they think that we’re just best friends,” Marcia explains. “When they learn that we’re twins, they’re kind shocked because one’s black and one’s white.”