ICYMI: Nick Cannon Talks Celibacy with His Doctor on His Daytime Talk Show


Nick Cannon shared with his talk show audience and his fans his efforts to practice celibacy through the end of 2022. The idea came from his doctor, Laura Berman, who made a visit to his talk show on Tuesday (Oct. 19).

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“Think about my life because I have several relationships,” Cannon said. “I’m a family man. I have to be a father first and foremost and I like to get along with all of the mothers of my children. So even I thought removing sex from my everyday practice that a little healthier and I can be the best dad I can be when I’m there and I’m focused for the kids.”

Dr. Berman would challenge Nick, “Are you having sex with any of your baby moms?”


Nick would respond, “Asking all these questions. Well, right now my celibacy clock is ticking, so no doc I am not. She got me in the hot seat for real.”

You can see the full exchange below.