ICYMI: DaBaby Caught on Camera Jumping DaniLeigh’s Brother in Los Angeles Bowling Alley


Many in the Hip-Hop community are in Los Angeles for Super Bowl weekend. That includes DaBaby, whose trip is now the subject of headlines after he and the brother of DaniLeigh, the mother of his child, clashed at a bowling alley.

Video currently floating on social media shows DaBaby and his entourage pummeling DaniLeigh’s brother, Brandon Curiel, in a bowling lane. Curiel, who goes by the rap name Brandon Bills, is seen being slung to the ground by his hair, taking punches and slams. In one video, Bills face can be seen bloodied.

HipHopDX notes Bills hit Instagram stating that he wanted to “talk like men” with DaBaby, but resulted in a fight. “N-ggas want to grab me by my hair. N-ggas ain’t catch no fair one,” Bills said.. “They came and jumped me, my n-gga, once I slipped. I spoke to you like a man, my n-gga. I said, ‘Yo, let’s talk one-on-one like some men, my n-gga. Me and you on the side, my n-gga. On some real n-gga shit.’”

DaniLeigh added, “Lame as hell!!!! Running up on my brother on some slippery ass floors with 5/6 of ya boys while he’s by himself and not even touching him!!! Lame and soooo sad!!!! I pray this stops now!!! [Because] this is my family! And I got a daughter to raise. Sad.”

Last year, DaBaby and DaniLeigh’s relationship and parental struggles made headlines as DaBaby shared the recording of an argument the two were engaged in.