Ice-T Explains How His Beef With Soulja Boy Originated


Soulja Boy has found himself in a few feuds over the years but nothing is as legendary as his beef with Ice-T. The two rappers went at it early on in Soulja Boy’s career when Ice-T said that the “Crank Dat” rapper singlehandedly killed hip-hop. There’s likely a case to be made behind that but the back-and-forth that ensued following Ice-T’s statements probably had a major role in technologies infiltration of rap beefs. However, it looks like the beef may have occurred by accident. 

Ice-T recently sat down with Ebro where he dove into his former feud with Soulja Boy over a decade ago. Apparently, it all started with a mixtape that he was doing for some ex-associates. Those associates had the rapper in the booth and agitating him by telling him that people would rather listen to Soulja Boy or Hurricane Chris. Unfortunately, this resulted in Ice-T getting angry in the studio and telling Soulja Boy to “eat a d*ck.”

The thing is Ice-T didn’t expect that little rant to go anywhere but it ended up as the intro to the mixtape he was working on. That’s when things went South and thus began the feud with Soulja Boy. Although things have de-escalated since then, Ice-T did reveal that he now takes extra precaution when he’s in the studio.

Peep the clip below around the 36:33 mark.