Ice-T Chills With Eminem & Big Proof In Legendary Throwback Clip


When the topic of hip-hop legends are discussed, Ice-T is a name that gets overlooked all-too-often. The pinnacle of the O.G, Ice likely influenced your favorite rapper at one time or another. Be it through his storied hip-hop career or his work with his rock band Body Count, the man simply lives and breathes music. Today, Ice took a moment to share some legendary throwback footage of himself, Eminemand the late Big Proof during the 1999 Warped Tour.

“‘Reckless’ was the very first rap song I ever heard,” explains a likely star-struck Em, standing beside the legendary rapper Ice-T. He proceeds to throw his arm around Ice like an old friend, as Proof slides into frame. “Once upon a time a DJ’s task, was just to play records, what more could you ask,” rap the trio, an endearing testament to Em and Proof’s hip-hop-head status. For those who look fondly back on D12’s legacy, the clip may prove bittersweet, serving as a reminder of Em and Proof’s inseparable friendship.

Looking back, Ice himself acknowledges the moment as an iconic one. “Wow!! This is some Legendary shit! RIP Proof,” he writes, via Twitter. “Chillin with [Em] on what might have been his FIRST tour. He has always been a solid dude… And UNFUCKWITHABLE.” As of now, Em has yet to acknowledge the clip, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see Slim weigh in. After all, the man is a student of the game, and it’s quite possible that he still holds Ice-T as a personal favorite. After all, if “Reckless” was indeed the first rap song Slim ever heard, it’s likely one that made a lasting impact – not only on Em, but on the game at large. Much respect to Ice-T for this one!