Ice Cube Shares Tupac Tribute On Anniversary Of His Death


Over two decades have passed since the death of Tupac Shakur. In the past few years, his name’s been at the center of conversation whether or not he’s the measuring stick of greatness in the rap game. Some have referred to his music as “boring” (those people also go on Instagram Live to broadcast themselves keying their G-Wagon) while others have defended ‘Pac’s legacy as one of the greatest rappers to ever do it.

With today marking the 23rd anniversary of the rapper’s death, Ice Cube paid homage to the late rapper and everything that he did in the rap game. “Things will never be the same…” he wrote on Instagram along with a photo of Tupac.

Although Cube and ‘Pac weren’t best buds, they were both pivotal figures in the West Coast during California’s reign in the 1990s. Cube and ‘Pac worked together on Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z on the song, “Last Wordz” alongside Ice-T. Interestingly enough, ‘Pac actually wanted to get Ice Cube for “Can’t C Me” on All Eyez On Me but unfortunately, that never came into fruition.

The two may have only worked on one song together but there were rumors they had a few songs in the cut together. Cube clarified those rumors in 2013. “4 songs with me and 2Pac don’t exist. That’s just a rumor. I only did 1 song with 2Pac. Wish we could’ve done more,” he wrote on Twitter.

So do we, Cube. So do we.