Ice Cube Explains How John Singleton Cast Him In "Boyz N The Hood”


John Singleton sadly passed away in April at 51-years-old but the famed director will live on through his influential films that impacted culture like no other. One of John’s most beloved films is without a doubt Boyz N The Hood and one of its stars Ice Cube paid a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to explain how John nabbed him for the part of Doughboy.

Ice Cube Explains How John Singleton Cast Him In "Boyz N The Hood”
 Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

“I met John backstage at the ‘Arsenio Hall Show’,” Cube explained. “I was back there because I had a bone to pick with Arsenio. He didn’t have N.W.A. on his show, but he had 2 Live Crew, and I was like, ‘Wait a minute, their songs are just as dirty as ours, and why are we not on?’

He added: “I never got a chance to talk to Arsenio because I saw this little kid come up to me, who was pretty much my age, saying, ‘You’re Ice Cube. I wanna put you in a movie.’”

At the time, John was a junior at the University of Southern California. A year later Cube bumped into John again when he was a senior at USC and he was still eager to have him in his movie. Another year passed and Cube’s manager told him someone wanted him to be in a movie – Cube walked into the meeting and saw John. “The rest is history,” he explained.