Hudson Taylor Stay Connected to Their Past and Present in Live Performance: Exclusive


Irish duo Hudson Taylor are approaching their standout track “Old Soul” f their latest EP Feel It Again? the old-fashioned way with a bare-bones performance that showcases the song’s multi-generational appeal.

Composed Harry and Alfie Hudson Taylor, the siblings strip down their production to allow their impeccable harmonies and natural storytelling abilities to shine through. It also gives viewers a sense how deeply rooted the song is to the duo as an ongoing piece.

“When Alfie was 16, our older sister told him he was an ‘old soul’ to which he replied, ‘you’re an old soul,’” the band tells Billboard. “The phrase stuck with him….a while later Alfie then crossed paths with someone who he felt he’d met before but never did."

“‘Old Soul’ immediately came back into his consciousness and the encounter inspired him to finish the song,” the band reveals.

The live setting reflects the conversational back-and-forth the chorus and adds a sense intimacy to the personal lyrics. Along with the song’s nostalgic tone, the show fittingly feels tied to the group’s past and present as the guys play to a sold-out crowd in their hometown at the Dublin Olympia.

Feel It Again? is available now here Rubyworks Records. Check out the exclusive live performance “Old Soul” below.