Hozier Composes a Love Letter to Jazz With ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’ Watch


Hozier is a dedicated student of blues, rock and jazz, and his latest music video is a bright and cheery homage to the "sweet music" that shaped his growth as a songwriter.

In "Almost (Sweet Music)," the Irish folk-rocker is filmed playing guitar in an empty warehouse, but the bulk of the video features interpretative dancing -- a component that echoes his intense visual for "Movement" -- and plenty of musicians practicing and enjoying their craft. The rhythm of the song works in every environment, from a raucous house party to a trio breaking down a groove in bohemian quarters to a cellist practicing in a cozy library. 

In a statement, Hozier explained the inspiration for the communal vibe of the clip: “Since the song references music so much and is about the experience of listening to music, the concept of this video is kind of drawing from the jazz tradition and just a lot of musicians and a lot of dancers whose disciplines stem from that tradition.”

"Almost (Sweet Music") is the second track off Hozier's latest album, Wasteland, Baby!, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 back in March. It was the first of his albums to do so.

Hozier kicks off the North American leg of the Wasteland, Baby! tour at Hangout Music Festival in Gulf Shores, Ala. on May 19.

Watch the music video for "Almost (Sweet Music") below.