How Undersung Rock Pioneers Ace of Cups Got That the Band Back Together After 50 Years


In 1960s San Francisco, the Ace Cups — a five-member, all-female stone band — counted Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix as buffs. Nearly 50 years after disbanding, the Cups are finally releasing their debut record on Nov.  9.

Here are their advice about the best way best to bridge this gap.

Don't Take Shit

The Cups consistently shared core visions. In the ’-LRB-************)s, as soon as a club owner requested them to perform topless, they denied, joking theyrsquo;d play nude instead.

Keep In Touch

Most them harbor ’t dwelt at precisely the exact same area for years, but they “retained with reunions,” states drummer Diane Vitalich. “-LRB-*****************) never ceased playing. ”-LRB-*****)

Confront Tension

“-LRB-*******************************************) every other’s feelings occurs,” bassist Mary Gannon says. “-LRB-*********************************************************) maintaining this connection living means being honest. ”-LRB-*****)

Stay Engaged 

Their ’-LRB-************)s demonstration heyday is background, however guitarist Denise Kaufman says present agitators such as “the Parkland Fla.] Children ” motivated the Cups’ record. 

This post initially appeared at the Sept 15. Problem Billboard.