How Should 50 Cent Respond To Young Buck’s Diss Tracks?


50 Cent‘s personal microphone has gotten a tad dusty. It’s no secret that the hip-hop legend would prefer dabbling in one of his various hobbies, which include taking over the television industry and collecting debts with a kneecapper’s fervor. Yet every so often, the game could use a reminder of Fif’s extensive repertoire, which includes no shortage of classic contributions. Evidently, many of them happen to be diss tracks, including the likes of “How To Rob,” “Back Down,” “Piggy Bank,” “Officer Ricky,” and “So Disrespectful.” Few can dispute that Fif cuts a formidable cloth on wax, and there was once a time when he’d respond to the slightest provocation with a full-scale assault. 

Today, the climate and Fif’s place within it are different. Since his pseudo-retirement (Street King Immortal, coming soon in a packaged deal with Detox and Eternal Atake) Fif has enjoyed a tyrannical reign over the vast kingdom of Instagram, using every meme and clever caption at his disposal. Of course, we’ve seen this brand of viral warfare seep into Fif’s music in the past, with the high-pitched chants of “OFFICER RICKY” feeling like a pre-hashtag hashtag. Yet 50 on Instagram has paved way for a whole new lane of cyberbullying; somewhere, whoever taught him how to use MS Paint is tossing and turning in their sleep, lamenting the destruction they have wrought.

Enter Young Buck. Akin to an old friend showing up at the doorstep years later with vengeance on the mind, Buck initially seemed content to wage war on 50’s home turf of Instagram. Given that the history between both men runs deep, both had much ammunition to draw from. For the most part, 50 seemed content to dwell on Buck’s sexuality, poking fun at his previous tryst with a transgender woman. Buck countered the claims by checking 50’s gangsta at every turn, before eventually growing tired of the digital tete-a-tete. Instead, Buck challenged him to a good-old-fashioned rap beef.

How Should 50 Cent Respond To Young Buck's Diss Tracks?

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While Fif has been retired for a minute, Buck has remained active on the music front. Prolific even, turning in several new mixtapes on a yearly basis. Some might say he’s sharper than ever, though his 2003-2005 run will likely remain his peak years. In any case, were the battle to hit the studio, it could be argued that Buck would hold the advantage. Yet when we asked our own readers who would reign supreme in a 2019 battle, the odds were voted to be decidedly stacked in 50’s favor. After all, his pedigree for diss tracks remains top-tier, as Ja Rule might attest. 

Despite 50’s battle-hardened reputation, Buck has taken to poking the bear with reckless abandon. Over the past few days, he channeled Drake and Pusha T‘s 2018 beef, playing both sides with “Foofy Freestyle” and “The Story Of Foofy.” The latter of which came to fruition today, and finds Buck alluding to 50 and Vivica A. Fox’s spicy sex-play, as well as his distaste for all things remotely “gangsta.” He even alludes to a Kidd Kidd scorned, adding fuel to the “50 is a tyrant” narrative, while strategically leaving potential ammunition in the cache. 

“Tour bus full of choppas, you open up the doors
Looking at me like ‘Damn Buck, this shit is yours?
I’m looking at you like damn Foofy this shit is war
Can’t let these n***as shoot me like they done to you before 
Let Vivica come answer all this trivia, bout all the different things she put into ya

Given that Buck made good on his word and brought the fight to the booth, many have turned to 50 Cent with a curious eye. Is a back-to-back onslaught from Young Buck enough to spring the long-dormant 50 back into action? The choice is his to make. Buck has indicated an intention of seeing this one through to the bitter end, and mere memes might not be enough to dissuade him. Short of a full-fledged “exposure,” 50 is currently in the midst of beating a dead horse, with his anti-Buck campaign suffering from a lack of innovation. Yet a new diss track from 50 Cent would serve as a lightning rod, reinvigorating the interest of anybody who grew up listening to his music. 

Sure, 50 could simply play the neglectful card, allowing Buck to tucker himself out while he invests in the next Power spin-off. We’ve seen Drake play the “ignore” tactic with Joe Budden before, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see 50 follow suit. Instagram is as sound a place to stage a war as any. But that’s not what Buck – nor the fans, for that matter – want to see. It almost feels like Buck’s repeated attempts at goading his former group-mate back into the booth are but a means to an end, a ploy to see the G-Unit name in lights once again. But that’s only if 50 plays ball.