How La Santa Cecilia Turned Life’s Tragedies Into Triumphant New Album


Two years have passed since La Santa Cecilia released their album Amar y Vivir, a collection of songs very near to the history of the band.

Since then, a lot has happened. In just a year, three members have lost their fathers and have had a lot to process and work through. The result? La Santa Cecilia’s seventh and self-titled album released Rebeleon Entertainment / Universal.

“We’ve been together for a while now — 12 years to be exact,” the band’s vocalist, Marisol Hernandez, tells Billboard. “These songs are about how to maintain the relationship. We have been going through a lot of sadness and real-life stuff.”

Produced by Grammy and Latin Grammy winner Sebastian Kris (Elvis Costello, Luis Fonsi, Shakira, Enrique Iglesias), the set contains seven tracks that are completely in English, going from jazz to punk to melodies influenced by The Beatles.

“Truth is that nobody escapes from real life or its changes. Things happen even when you don’t want them to,” she continues.

La Santa Cecilia is a musical and spiritual triumph, a celebration of life in the wake of tragedy that honors the Mexican, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan musical heritage of the band’s members, and their Los Angeles musical heritage of punk.

Stream La Santa Cecilia’s album below.